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IRSIM version 9.7 Download
IRSIM version 9.7 Packages
IRSIM version 9.7 for Windows

IRSIM version 9.7 Download

Stable Distribution Source:
File Revision Size Date
irsim-9.7.110.tgz 110 (466) September 30, 2020 at 3:00am
Prior releases:
File Revision Size Date
irsim-9.7.0.tgz 0 (523KB) November 13, 2004
irsim-9.6.11.tgz 11 (461KB) December 3, 2003
irsim-9.6.4.tgz 4 (764KB) February 19, 2003
Git source download:
The Open Circuit Design Git repository may be used for downloads of the most recent IRSIM source. To use the git server, do:
git clone git://

or use the github mirror site:
git clone

CVS source download:
The Open Circuit Design anonymous CVS repository may be used for downloads of the most recent IRSIM source. It has been replaced by the Git repository (see above). To use the anonymous CVS, do:
cvs -d login
The anonymous CVS password is "anoncvs ".

After logging in, check out the IRSIM source with:

cvs -d checkout irsim-9.7
The module name is "irsim"; this module name may be used in place of the name "irsim-9.7" above.

IRSIM version 9.7 Packages

I don't have time to generate and maintain packages myself, so I rely on volunteers to submit packaged versions of Open Circuit Design tools.
Thanks to Peter Scott for the Debian package version of IRSIM 9.7.66.
Thanks to Eric Work for the RPM package version of IRSIM 9.7.12.
File Type Revision Size Date
irsim-9.7.66-1_i386.deb RPM source 1 181KB June 28, 2008
irsim-9.7.12-1.src.rpm RPM source 1 611KB January 4, 2006

IRSIM version 9.7 for Windows

Contains a binary distribution for the Cygwin package and complete instructions for installation.

Associated Scripts

These scripts convert files from BDNET format (output of VIS/SIS) and verilog RTL (gate-level verilog; that is, a circuit that has been synthesized and mapped to a standard-cell library) to .sim format for input to IRSIM. They make use of a third script,, to convert layout views of standard cells to .sim format if such views do not exist. This assumes the availability of "magic" and magic cell views of the standard cells. An alternative is to use "netgen" to convert SPICE views of the standard cells to .sim format.

File Type Revision Size Date
bdnet2sim.tcl Tcl script 0 6.7KB Nov. 25, 2009
rtl2sim.tcl Tcl script 0 7.5KB Apr. 25, 2011 Shell script 0 651B Dec. 8, 2008


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