Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Generate a new frame for command-line entry.


addcommandentry framename

where framename is the Tk pathname of a frame.


The addcommandentry command is used with the GUI wrapper in magic version 7.3. It adds a narrow text entry frame to the bottom of the window. This frame duplicates the output of the Tk console, and can be used as an alternative console from which to enter command-line commands. The framename is the Tk path name of the frame holding the layout window. By default these are named .layout1, .layout2, etc., for each call to openwrapper.

The command entry window has a prompt with the name of the Tk frame, e.g., "layout1>", and all window commands entered into this area will be relative to the associated layout window.

Implementation Notes:

addcommandentry is implemented as a Tcl procedure defined in the GUI wrapper script. It is only available when the wrapper is used, that is, when magic is invoked with argument -w.

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