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Run antenna violation checks on the current edit cell.


antennacheck [option]

where option may be one of the following:
"antennacheck run" is equivalent to "antennacheck" with no arguments, and causes an antenna violation check to be run.
Sets up debug mode for the next antenna run. In addition to feedback entries, additional information will be printed to the terminal about each error encountered.


The antennacheck command runs a full check for antenna violations on the entire area of the cell being edited. Antenna violations are defined in the technology file as the ratios of metal area to sensitive MOSFET transistor gate areas to which the metal is attached. The antenna effect is a manufacturing problem caused by charge buildup on gates during metal etching. The metal being etched forms an antenna that gathers charge on the net connected to the gate. If the area of metal is large enough the gate can be destroyed by the process of etching. The foundry specifies what the area ratio limit must be. The check is done progressively from the lowest metal layer to the highest. If violations are found, then feedback entries are created covering the area of both the gate and the metal layer at which the violation occurred.

The extract command must be run prior to antennacheck to obtain the extracted characteristics of the design, so that all sensitive transistor gates can be identified and enumerated.

Implementation Notes:

antennacheck is implemented as a built-in magic command. The antennacheck command was introduced in magic version 8.2.150 along with technology file extensions to support the antenna rule violations (see the online Maintainer's Manual #2).

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