Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Goto the named node


goto nodename [-nocomplain]

where nodename is any valid name for a network node.


The goto command moves the cursor box to some position representing the network node named nodename, if it exists in the layout. Because any given area of the layout may contain more than one unconnected network node, a layer type is returned. The area of the cursor box plus the layer type always uniquely identifies the node.

The -nocomplain switch supresses the warning message if the node does not exist. In the Tcl version, an empty list is returned for nodes that cannot be found, and no error condition is reported.

Implementation Notes:

goto is implemented as a built-in command in magic. The Tcl version of magic returns the layer of the node as a Tcl result.

A script may make use of the return value in the following manner:

select box [goto nodename]; select more net
which selects the entire network named nodename.

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