Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Invoke the irsim switch-level digital simulator.


irsim [args]

where args are any arguments to be passed to the irsim program as they would from the command line. See the irsim documentation for an explanation of its valid command-line arguments.


The irsim command starts the irsim simulator. While previous versions of magic did this by forking the irsim process, Tcl-based magic can load the Tcl-based irsim as a package directly into the interpreter. Commands for irsim are added to the Tcl namespace and are available directly from the the magic command line.

As a Tcl script, the irsim command attempts to set up the simulation arguments to ensure proper startup. It also checks for a valid .sim file matching the layout, and generates one if it does not already exist.

A number of commands are available for viewing signal values directly on the layout. For a complete description of these commands and the Tcl-based irsim simulation environment, see the documentation on irsim.

Implementation Notes:

irsim is implemented as a Tcl procedure that loads the Tcl-package based version of irsim, then executes its startup procedure. The irsim Tcl package itself is compiled and installed separately from magic.

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