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Generate polygons from the command line.




polygon type x1 y1 x2 y2 ... xn yn

where type is a tile type to draw, and x1 y1 ... xn yn are n vertices of a polygon.


The polygon command allows generation of polygons on the layout from the command line, similarly to the wire segment command. The polygon command automatically generates the proper tile geometry for the polygon as specified by vertices. Vertex points are pairs of X Y coordinates, and may take any dimensional value (default lambda, but may be internal units or metric units). Note that polygons should be convex; the tile generation algorithm is not guaranteed to work with non-convex geometries.

While simple non-Manhattan structures (triangles) can be generated with the "splitpaint" and "spliterase" commands using macros, there is no convenient interactive method for generating complex polygon geometry. The polygon command is best used in scripts to create specific patterns based on known geometry.

Implementation Notes:

polygon is implemented as a built-in command in magic.

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