Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Invoke the load-file widget in the GUI version of magic, prompting for a file to load.


Menu item File->Save layout implements the command promptsave magic.
Menu item File->Write CIF implements the command promptsave cif.
Menu item File->Write GDS implements the command promptsave gds.


promptsave magic|cif|gds


The promptsave command handles output of various file formats for the GUI layout window in the Tcl-based version of magic when invoked with the magic -w option. The handling of CIF and GDS formats merely makes calls to the cif and gds write routines. The handling of magic (.mag) format appends the destination path to the search path. If the destination filename is changed in the Tk file window, the save command is invoked to rename the top-level layout appropriately before writing the output.

Implementation Notes:

promptsave is implemented as a Tcl procedure in the "wrapper" script. It calls the tk_getSaveFile widget in Tk.

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