Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Read a SPICE netlist file and use the information from subcircuit definitions in the file to set port indexes.


readspice filename

where filename is the path name of a SPICE netlist file containing one or more subcircuit definitions.


The readspice command is used to ensure that port indexes on port labels in a cell match the port order specified in an existing SPICE netlist for that cell. This is generally used with standard cell libraries to ensure that port order is maintained in cells that are read from GDS or LEF, neither of which declares a port order. It will also create ports from labels in the case where a file read from GDS does not contain layers that are interpreted as ports by the technology file's cifinput section.

Implementation Notes:

readspice is implemented as a Tcl procedure defined in the GUI wrapper script. It is only available when the wrapper is used, that is, when magic is invoked with argument -w, although the script can be sourced from the runtime library.

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