Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Set the ratio of magic internal units to lambda units


scalegrid a b

where a and b are integers.


The scalegrid command sets the ratio of magic internal units to lambda units by rescaling the internal database and appropriate technology parameters. The values a and b are interpreted to mean that all positions in the database should be multiplied by the factor b / a. An equivalent meaning is that there should be b internal units per a lambda units in the database. For example,
scalegrid 1 2
means 2 internal units per lambda, or an internal grid that is twice as finely spaced as the default. The grid scaling can be queried using the tech lambda command. Grid scaling is interpreted relative to the current scale, so
scalegrid 1 2
scalegrid 1 2
results in 4 internal units per lambda.

Implementation Notes:

scalegrid is implemented as a built-in command in magic.

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