Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Open a window of a specific type.


specialopen type [arguments]

where type may be one of the following:
Open a layout window. Equivalent to the openwindow command.
wind3d tk_path_name
Generate the 3D window. Only available when using OpenGL graphics ("magic -d OGL"). The tk_path_name argument allows the window to be inserted into a Tk frame instead of generated directly on the desktop.
Open a window allowing layout colors to be edited.
Open a window allowing interactive definition of netlists.


The specialopen command opens one of several special-purpose windows known to magic, as well as the default layout window. Each window has a set of commands associated with it. The layout window commands are listed in this reference guide along with the general-purpose commands, because the layout window is the most common type. For the command sets of the other special-purpose windows, see the sections on the colormap, netlist, and 3D rendering.

Implementation Notes:

specialopen is implemented as a built-in window command in magic.

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