Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Paint into the cursor box, splitting the box diagonally with one layer forming a right triangle in one corner and space or another layer in the other.


spliterase dir layer

where dir is a valid non-Manhattan direction indicating the direction of the right angle corner of the right triangle to be erased. Any paint of layer type layer is erased from this triangular area.


The spliterase command implements a form of non-Manhattan geometry that conforms to the corner-stitched tile database format used by magic for painting and searching operations in a plane. It lets a rectangular area, as defined by the position of the cursor box, be split diagonally, with one half containing one layer type, and the other half containing another. While the splitpaint command generates non-Manhattan areas by adding paint in a triangular area, spliterase creates non-Manhattan areas by subtracting paint from a triangular area.

Note that spliterase, like splitpaint, is somewhat cumbersome to use; to generate diagonal wires, use the wire segment command instead, which is also able to compute mitred joints between segments at different angles.

Implementation Notes:

spliterase is implemented as a built-in command in magic.

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