Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 8.2 *


Change layout tool or print information about what the button bindings are for the current tool. This page describes the tool command as implemented in the non-Tcl version of magic.


Key macro space implements the command tool.
Key macro shift-space implements the command tool box.


tool [name|info]

where name may be one of box, wiring, netlist, or rsim.


The tool command selects or queries the mode of operation of the mouse buttons in the layout window. Each tool type has a unique set of button bindings.

Without arguments, the tool command selects the next tool type in round-robin fashion. With a tool type as argument, the button bindings switch to those for the indicated tool. With the info option, a summary of the mouse buttons is given for the current tool.

The mouse bindings for each of the three tools is as follows:

Implementation Notes:

tool is implemented as a built-in command in the non-Tcl version of magic.

See Also:

tool (Tcl version)

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