Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Refresh the 3D display




The refresh command clears and redraws the 3D window display. The 3D display does not maintain areas requiring updates like the layout window (this is very difficult to do in 3 dimensions), so updating the view to reflect changes made to the layout often requires a manual refresh. However, all commands that change any aspect of the 3D display will also cause a refresh.

Implementation Notes:

refresh is implemented as a built-in wind3d window command in magic. It can only be invoked from a window created with the specialopen wind3d command, or the render procedure. Note that the wind3d window is only available when magic is compiled with the OpenGL graphics option and invoked with magic -d OGL.

Note that macros of the wind3d window are hard-coded, and cannot be changed with the macro, gmacro, or imacro commands. There is no ":" macro for entering commands; to enter commands from the command-line, use the tk_path_name command. The default Tk path name of the wind3d window is ".magic3d".

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Last updated: October, 2004