Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Specify the 3D viewpoint position
scroll [x y z]


The arrow keys implement different aspects of the scroll command, panning in the x and y directions relative to the normal layout view.


scroll [x y z]

where x, y, and z represent the viewpoint position in each of the axes.


The scroll command sets the 3D viewpoint position on each of the axes, where the x and y origins are equal to the layout origin, and the z origin is on the substrate. Without arguments, returns the current viewpoint position in the three axes.

Implementation Notes:

scroll is implemented as a built-in wind3d window command in magic. It overrides the default window client scroll command. Note that the wind3d window is only available when magic is compiled with the OpenGL graphics option and invoked with magic -d OGL.

Note that macros of the wind3d window are hard-coded, and cannot be changed with the macro, gmacro, or imacro commands. There is no ":" macro for entering commands; to enter commands from the command-line, use the tk_path_name command. The default Tk path name of the wind3d window is ".magic3d".

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Last updated: October, 2004