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Development Directions

Developer's Primer

This link points to a primer on the magic source code, its files, data structures, and methods, and other helpful tidbits gleaned from years of delving into the code.

Helping with Magic Development

Current development has been modernized by the advent of web-based repositories like github and gitlab. The best way to report bugs is to file an issue on the github mirror site at The best way to join development is to fork the repository, work on a branch, and submit a pull request. Pull requests are generally honored if they appear reasonable and don't break anything.

For general discussion, the discussion email group's mailing address is
See the Magic home page for mailing list archives and instructions on how to subscribe to the mailing list.

The Magic Development Teams

Here is the original Magic Development team that kept Magic alive and kicking through the late 1990s and the first decade of the 2000s (in alphabetical order):

Some people deserve to be mentioned for critical help with certain aspects of the code development. From the same period as above (1990s and 2000s), they are (in addition to the ones mentioned above):
  • John Wood (MultiGiG)
         For generously funding the open-source magic development, testing, discussion, and feedback.
  • Stefan Jones (MultiGiG)
         For help with Tcl and development of Tcl-SPICE.
  • Charles Krinke
         For extensive testing, support, discussion, suggestions, and feedback
  • Mark Martin (JHU/APL)
         For using the bleeding-edge develpment versions, testing, discussion, and instantaneous feedback
  • Stefan Robert (U. Sherbrooke, Montreal)
         Michael Doster
         For help with the Mac OS X port
  • "Spaceborne" Calin
         Erik Peterson (Yanntek)
         For helping to answer questions on the magic-dev mailing list
  • Erwin Prinz
         For extensive help with RedHat and RPM archives.
  • Cecil Aswell
         For help with Octtools and Timberwolf.
  • James Stine (IIT)
         For work on standard-cell libraries
  • Richard Lethin (Reservoir Labs)
         Tim Chuang (SITI, Taiwan)
         For heavy use of the latest distribution and/or development versions and a lot of feedback.
  • Jason Schonberg
         For a lot of help with cleaning up the source code in Magic-7.3.
  • Development from 2005 to 2012 was largely underwritten by my employer at the time, MultiGiG (since bought by Analog Devices). Development from 2015 to 2020 was largely underwritten by my employer at the time, efabless.

    For more recent development, acknowledgements can be found in the code history.


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