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Magic 7.1 and the Magic home page

This page documents the release of magic-6.5.2. Since its release, version 6.5.2 has been consolidated with Rajit Manohar's Magic 7.0 and other fixes and enhancements to produce a new stable version 7.1. All features of versions 6.5.2 and 7.0 are incorporated into 7.1.

Magic 7.1 is documented briefly on my own Magic version 7.1 webpage. The main source for magic 7.1 or the current version is at the official magic home page.

OpenGL Graphics Interface

Magic version 6.5.2 is an enhancement to the venerable magic VLSI layout tool including support for OpenGL as an optional graphics interface (X11, SunView, and the defunct X10 and AED are still available). The major benefit of using OpenGL is the freedom from the constraint of 8-bit color planes to represent VLSI layers. Instead, the magic "look and feel" of transparent color layers is reproduced by a 3D hardware color blending function.

Warning: You will need hardware-accelerated 3D graphics support for OpenGL to make reasonable use of this program. This should be readily available on all SGI platforms; check for compatibility with other systems.

Currently, Linux requires an OpenGL-compliant video card and the Xi Graphics, Inc., 3D Accelerated-X server (see http://www.xig.com). Other OpenGL-capable X-servers are available from MetroLink, Precision Insight, SuSE, and RedHat. The XFree86 server, beginning with version 4.0, supports OpenGL and also 8-bit color overlays. The overlay visual is the best way to use the X11 version in an otherwise-24-bit graphics environment.

Note that most X servers which have OpenGL support will provide it whether you have the accelerated hardware or not. Functions which do not have hardware support will be emulated in software. Running magic with OpenGL graphics using software-emulated color blending is an exercise in futility.

Graphics cards typically need 32MB of video RAM to fully implement OpenGL in the kind of resolution (1280 x 1024 or more) that you would want to have in order to do VLSI layout (here's a hint: Don't do VLSI layout on anything smaller than a 19" monitor).

For comparison:

  1. Magic using X11 (magic -d X11) (82KB GIF image)
  2. Magic using OpenGL (magic -d OGL) (185KB GIF image)

Also new in Version 6.5.2

This package includes other enhancements by Philippe Pouliquen (philippe@alpha.ece.jhu.edu) at JHU (except no. 4 is mine):

New features:

New commands (by Philippe Pouliquen, JHU-ECE):

Note that in version 7.2, the commands "child", "parent", "list", "listall", and "listtop" have all been replaced by the two commands "cellname" and "instance".

Known bugs in the OpenGL interface:

Known bugs in 6.5.2 extensions:

Please contact me (tim@stravinsky.jhuapl.edu) with any bug reports or suggestions.

For your information:

The READ_ME file for magic 6.5.2, taken from the top-level source, and the open_gl.txt file from source subdirectory doc/.


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