Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.1

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Official Magic Home Page
Features Specific to Magic Version 7.1
Magic Version(s) for Windows

Link to the Official Magic Version 7.1 Home Page

I created this page as part of an attempt to support my effort to consolidate several versions of magic and numerous fixes and enhancements into one stable version. That has now happened, and the result now has an official home page at Cornell, maintained by Magic Hacker Rajit Manohar. Please follow the link above for downloads of the current stable distribution and development source.

This page is the correct link for the Tcl/Tk-interpreter-based version of magic. It is also the correct link to follow for Holger Vogt's port of magic to Windows/Cygwin (see below), as well as information on the latest MOSIS tech files for magic and how to install them.

Use the official link for downloading the current source snapshot.

Features of Magic version 7.1:

The source for the all-inclusive version 7.1 is available as CVS source. To download the source, do the following:
% cvs -d login
% cvs -d checkout magic
The password for user anoncvs is anonymous. The CVS checkout command will create a directory called simply "magic" in the current working directory.

The Magic CVS source page contains instructions and additional information on the very latest work-in-progress development version of Magic.

For more information on features of Magic 7.1 that stem from the Magic 6.5.2 implementation, please take a look at the Magic-6.5.2 page.

Magic-7.1 Downloads

File Type Date
magic-7.1.7.tgz CVS source snapshot August, 2002
magic-7.1.5.tgz CVS source snapshot June 18, 2002
platools.tgz PLA Tools mpla, meg, peg, and mquilt (Linux port) February 19, 2004
espresso.tgz Espresso logic minimizer (Linux port) February 19, 2004
pplot.tar.gz CIF-to-PostScript conversion November 15, 2005
magic-7.1-3mdk.i586.rpm RPM binary (from Sean Donner, USC) October 27, 2002
magic-7.1-3mdk.src.rpm RPM source (from Sean Donner, USC) October 27, 2002
magic-7.1.3.tgz CVS source snapshot October 19, 2001
magic-current.tar.gz CVS source snapshot (Cornell) January 16, 2001
The PLA tools package has its own libmpack.a archive, corresponding to magic 7.1.7. It will link statically to this file when compiling. Check the value of install destination CAD_HOME in the Makefile for mpla and mquilt before installing. This distribution has been successfully compiled under Linux, but compilation/installation is not guaranteed. Please contact me if you have any difficulties, or for any questions regarding the distribution. Note that magic versions 7.2 and 7.3 do not contain the mpack subdirectory and therefore do not compile an mpack library as needed by the PLA tools. Hopefully this will be rectified in the near future. If you encounter problems when linking to the "libmpack.a" library, you will probably need to download and compile magic 7.1.7 first, then copy the file "libmpack.a" into the platools "lib" directory, overwriting the existing one. This ensures that calls made to system routines in the library archive will be recognized by your linker. One problem has already been reported with the call to routine "__ctype_b", a macro expansion from routines such as "isspace()", when compiled under gcc 2.95 ("libmpack.a" in this platools distribution was compiled under gcc 2.96).

Thanks very much to Dr. Poras Balsara of the University of Texas at Dallas for providing the source distribution of PLA tools.

Programs espresso, meg, and peg are independent of magic. Programs mpla and mquilt use magic internal routines from the library libmpack.a but are standalone programs (like ext2sim and ext2spice).

Magic-7.1 for Windows

Magic version 7.1 from June 18, 2001, compiled for Windows using the CygWin libraries. Includes a Windows implementation of irsim.


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