Netgen 1.5

Compiling and Installing Netgen version 1.5

Netgen 1.5 is distribution code. Compiled without the Tcl interface (not recommended), it should compile and run like the original version (which had no version number). However, the "make" process has been substantially cleaned up, and converted to GNU autoconf. The Tcl version of Netgen compiles and runs by default. The Tcl version takes advantage of both the ability to script the simulation procedure, including some scripts to ease the complicated process of LVS by reducing most cases to a one-line command. The compilation procedure should be immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with GNU autoconf:
make install
The main prerequisite for netgen is Tcl/Tk. Currently (2017), this means Tcl/Tk version 8.6. For OS versions with packaging systems (e.g., "yum" or "apt-get", etc.), be sure to install the development version of Tcl/Tk, which usually has package names of "tcl-devel" and "tk-devel", respectively, although the names may vary according to the packaging system.


Last updated: April 25, 2017 at 10:55am