Open PDKs Version 1.0

Open_PDKs version 1.0 PDK Installer for open-source tools

Silicon foundry PDKs are notoriously non-standard, and files obtained from the foundry may end up in any possibly configuration of files and folders. In addition, silicon foundries are notorious among open source EDA tool enthusiasts for supplying user setups for commercial EDA tools and all but ignoring open source EDA tools. Open_pdks aims to mitigate the problem by defining a standard layout of files and directories for known open standard formats (e.g., SPICE, verilog, liberty, LEF, etc.) and for various open source EDA tools (e.g., magic, netgen, OpenROAD, klayout) using a Makefile system and a number of conversion scripts to ensure that for any process, all files needed by all EDA tools can be found in predictable locations.

The scripts aim to be as general-purpose as possible to allow easy adaptation to new tools, formats, and foundries. Where foundry data is intractably unusable, custom install files can be added to overwrite or annotate vendor data as needed.

Open_PDKs is distributed with files that support the Google/SkyWater sky130 open process description Open_PDKs will set up an environment for using the SkyWater sky130 process with open-source EDA tools and tool flows such as magic, qflow, openlane, netgen, klayout, etc.

For more information on the Google/Skywater process, please join the Slack workspace from this URL: or or, if the links above are not working, use:

See also the process description at the following URL:


Last updated: March 31, 2023 at 10:36am