PCB 3.0 Photo Gallery

Examples of circuit boards made with PCB 3.0

These three boards were all made on the same panel. Finish is soft gold because a fourth board (not shown) was a chip-on-board design and required wire bonding. Boards were manufactured by Titan West (Fremont, CA). All boards are 4 layers with Rogers 4003 laminate for RF. All components on the board were generated by Tcl scripts.

This board is very similar to the other three pictured above, but has a solder paste finish. The photo on the right is the assembled board, minus a DIP switch and PIC microcontroller that were not required when using the 40-pin connector on the back.

This board has a ball grid array (BGA) footprint, automatically generated from a script which maps an ASCII array of characters into the pad layout. This board does not use Rogers laminate which gives the other boards their lighter green hue (the ceramic laminate itself is white).

Last updated: June 3, 2006 at 11:13pm