[Eda-dev] Introducing myself and the Free Network Foundation

Charles N. Wyble charles at thefnf.org
Sat Dec 28 17:26:32 EST 2013

Hello everyone,

My name is Charles Wyble, and I'm the cofounder/CTO of the Free Network 
Foundation. We've been around for a couple of years, helping folks 
across the USA build Free (as in freedom) networks. We've been 
recommending off the shelf access points (Ubiquiti), and those have 
proven to be remarkably useful and provide great price/performance.

Now we want to do a custom SDR board which would operate in 2.4/5.x/3.65 
bands with 4x4 mimo and be incredibly power efficient. Most likely using 
a completely custom layer 1 up protocol (very similar to Ubiquiti Air 

I came across this mailing list while researching open source EDA. Qflow 
looks to be incredibly useful from a soup to nuts tool chain 
perspective. I also have just installed KiCad and am quite pleased with 
the extensive documentation.

I've never done any hardware design/building before. I'm assembling a 
team to do so, and want to make sure they are outfitted with the proper 
(software) tools for success. Also looking for any pointers/help from 
folks who have done any SDR type board work.


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