[Eda-dev] Code cleanup and some debug features for qrouter

Staf Verhaegen staf at stafverhaegen.be
Sun Dec 27 14:49:35 EST 2015


I have doing some more investigation on qrouter and scaling. I have also
been doing some code clean-up by turning on all warnings in gcc and
remove them. My commit are on top of the 1.3.33 version of qrouter at
https://gitlab.com/Fatsie_EDA/qrouter-1.3 in the 4tim and master branch.
I will keep the 4tim consistent with this mail for some time; the master
branch likely will change in the near future (including history

These are my commits with some explanation:

| c5e15bf Fix return type mismatch
| 60c29a4 Fix checking on wrong variable.
| bafb732 Fix type mismatch between signed and unsigned.
| 057317f Remove statement without effect.

These four are I think real code problems indicated by gcc warnings

| 5c02b5e Remove unused or only assigned variables.
| 834929f Force prototypes for all functions to fix use of undeclared
|         function warning of gcc.
| e96a0aa Added parentheses around subexpressions to fix gcc warnings.
| b090fc7 Improve function prototypes; use void for no parameters.
| 636f070 Fix unitialized value warnings when compiling with
|         optimization.

These are clean-ups to remove all gcc warnings. Your opinion/style may
be different so I leave it to you merge them partly or not. I will
always keep my local patches on top of your git versions.
In e96a0aa I did add a FIXME comment of a place where gcc warning is I
think really indicating a possible bug. Did not change the code
functionality though.

| 63738a3 For gcc make all warnings into errors.

Fail on gcc warnings. I do plan to keep my local code this way.

| ae4556d Don't export functions used inside one source file.

Another clean-up on which opinion may differ.

| 3b9210f Added print TCL commando to print information on nets and
|         gates.
| 710c852 Add option to draw unrouted nets on map.

These two are really debugging features. The first one allows to print
text info about nets and gates. The second add an option to show
unrouted nets on the map.

Do you have a set of different benchmarks of varying size that you use
for testing qrouter changes ? I currently only have a small set to check
(i2c_router, y80e and the big m68k processor).
I will continue on my quest to understand how and why the routing is
done as it is...


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