[Eda-dev] Code cleanup and some debug features for qrouter

Tim Edwards tim at opencircuitdesign.com
Sun Dec 27 16:13:35 EST 2015

Hello Staf,

> I have doing some more investigation on qrouter and scaling. I have also
> been doing some code clean-up by turning on all warnings in gcc and
> remove them. My commit are on top of the 1.3.33 version of qrouter at
> https://gitlab.com/Fatsie_EDA/qrouter-1.3 in the 4tim and master branch.
> I will keep the 4tim consistent with this mail for some time; the master
> branch likely will change in the near future (including history
> rewriting).

This is all great stuff!  Thanks for the hard work!

It being Christmas/New Year's and all, I won't get to this for a few
days, but it's definitely way up there on my to-do list.

> | 710c852 Add option to draw unrouted nets on map.

Great feature, I definitely want to check it out. . .

> Do you have a set of different benchmarks of varying size that you use
> for testing qrouter changes ? I currently only have a small set to check
> (i2c_router, y80e and the big m68k processor).

I do have a set of benchmarks, but they are more or less the same as
your list.  I do use that "map9v3" example fairly regularly, because it
is a very small example and easy to debug.  If that one fails, then
there's almost no hope for anything else to work.

> I will continue on my quest to understand how and why the routing is
> done as it is...

Please ask me about anything you find hard to understand.  Pretty much
everything in qrouter beyond the basic maze router is just off the top
of my head, so in principle I'm supposed to understand it all.

Happy holidays!

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