[Eda-dev] Problem with magic

Tim Edwards tim at opencircuitdesign.com
Tue Jun 20 21:33:40 EDT 2017

Hello Rocco,

> I tried to install the qflow 1.1.57 and 1.2.3, but in both cases the
> generated file .*magicrc*has problems when loaded by magic 8.1. You can
> find attached the log error. The operating system is ubuntu 17.04 64 bits
> operating on Virtual Box.

This is okay;  it is the result of using the SCMOS techfile from MOSIS
that the OSU035 standard cell set is built with, but the techfile is
outdated with respect to magic version 8.1.

Magic 8.1 handles stacked contacts automatically, so there is no need
for the stacked contact types in the techfile (so these generate error
messages, but they are being ignored).  The 'OK types "space" in more
than one plane' error is an ambiguous use of a DRC rule that appears
in every SCMOS file.  I generate the error message in the hopes that
somebody at MOSIS will rewrite the rule to be more obvious, but anyway,
magic does parse the ambiguous rule correctly.

I have not, however, seen the "Usage:  windownames [all | client_type]"
message before.  I would have to investigate what might be causing it
to show up.  Does it interfere with magic's layout window coming up
and displaying?

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