[Eda-dev] Problems with qrouter getting stuck

Øyvind Harboe oyvind.harboe at zylin.com
Mon Oct 16 01:54:01 EDT 2017


I'm having a problem with qrouter getting stuck. It has been stuck on the
last line for 12 hours.

Any tips on how I might go about debugging this?

I've managed to get smaller designs through. Am I running into some sort of


*Is there a limit to the number of input/output bits I can have on the top
level design?* I'm using osu018 and I have LOTS of top level input/output
pins. I'm primarily after numbers on size and clock frequency at this
point, so I'm passing a mock design to qflow to try to get it to give me

*Is the error message below relevant?* I don't think the error message is
important. It's probably just from this line "if [ ${TERM:=""} = "cygwin"
]; then" statement in qrouter. If that statement fails, then it won't run
the cygwin hack, which is fine, I'm running under Ubuntu 16.04.

*What about memory requirements?*

>From "top", I can see that the qrouterexec process is still busy. It is
using 45GByte, I only have 64GByte swap on this machine. Too little?

27419 jenkins   20   0 45.642g 0.014t    440 R  93.0 94.9   1337:43

$ free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache
Mem:          15952       15582         169          98         201
Swap:         64072       32776       31296

I'm can't provide the entire design, but I'm happy to provide any other
information that would be helpful. I couldn't find a way to create an
account to register a bug in Bugzilla.



Running blif2Verilog.
Running blif2BSpice.
Running addspacers.tcl
/usr/local/share/qflow/bin/qrouter: 20: [: =: unexpected operator
Running qrouter 1.3.33.T
Nets remaining: 162200
Nets remaining: 72200
Nets remaining: 72100

[qrouter stuck here]

Øyvind Harboe, General Manager, Zylin AS, +47 917 86 146
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