[Eda-dev] Problems with qrouter getting stuck

Tim Edwards tim at opencircuitdesign.com
Mon Oct 16 10:23:00 EDT 2017

Hello Øyvind,
> I need to run qrouter on a remote build server, when I try to
> run qrouter 1.3, I get this error message below. Hmm.... is that going to
> stop me... In my build script, I "unset DISPLAY", otherwise qflow will fail
> at the graywolf stage.
> *$ qrouter -noc*
> *application-specific initialization failed: no display name and no
> $DISPLAY environment variable*

Use "qrouter -nog -noc" to avoid all use of graphics;  that makes
qrouter text-only.  The "-nog" option is the default used by qflow.

> I just compiled magic, qrouter, graywolf and installed yosys 0.7 and qflow
> now and I've kicked off a new build job. I'll see what that does. I expect
> the build, if successful, to take at least 24 hours. I guess it will die in
> qrouter though with the 'DISPLAY' error message above.

Possibly not, given the qflow default vs. running qrouter from the command
line.  Also, I can run jobs of, say, 20K gates in less than an hour; 50K
gates, maybe a couple of hours.  Run times are much, much lower than they
used to be.

> I have no idea why Ubuntu is so enthusiastic about dash that they want to
> make it the default. It's been like this for years now and I know lots of
> people being suckerpunched by this.

I understand that bash is slow and running a lot of shell scripts at boot
time means that the difference between dash and bash has a large effect
on how long it takes to boot, which I can understand.  The real problem
is that for years everyone has started using bashisms in shell scripts
everywhere, and likewise everyone has been assuming that /bin/sh points
to bash.  If that assumption is broken, then I guess I have to start
explicitly putting /bin/bash in the shebang line.  But generally speaking
I try *not* to use bashisms.  In this case, I tried running a perl
script I found on sourceforge called "checkbashisms", but it doesn't find
anything wrong with line 20.  So I'm not even sure what part of the
syntax is not dash-compatible.

> I've been using JIRA for the last couple of years in more than one
> organization. I quite like it, I find it modern. I find it near impossible
> to search for anything, but I guess I'm just spoiled rotten by Google. I
> haven't used other bug-tracking tools in the last couple of years. I find
> the JIRA Kanban + a few quick filters to be an effective way to manage and
> prioritize hundreds of open bugs at a glance.

Initially I stayed away from JIRA because traditionally I stay away from
anything new until it starts becoming widely accepted.  I will have to
look into getting it up and running on the opencircuitdesign.com server.


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