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Jamie Hanlon mail at jameswhanlon.com
Tue Apr 17 12:00:46 EDT 2018

Dear all,

I have just installed QFlow and its components from source and have run into a problem when following the tutorial (http://opencircuitdesign.com/qflow/ <http://opencircuitdesign.com/qflow/>).

The 'synthesise' stage ran fine, but the ‘place’ stage failed with a parsing error:

$ qflow synthesize place route map9v3

Running blif2cel to generate input files for graywolf
blif2cel.tcl --blif /home/jamie/synth/tutorial/map9v3.blif --lef /home/jamie/synth/qflow-1.1/../share/qflow/tech/osu035/osu035_stdcells.lef --cel /home/jamie/synth/tutorial/map9v3.cel
Preparing pin placement hints from map9v3.cel2
Running GrayWolf placement
graywolf  map9v3
graywolf failed with exit status 255
Premature exit.

From place.log:

TimberWolfSC switches:
  Graphics mode on
  TimberWolfSC will inherit window

TimberWolfSC version:v6.0 date:Mon May 25 21:19:07 EDT 1992
Row-Based Placement and Global Routing Program
Authors: Carl Sechen, Kai-Win Lee, and Bill Swartz,
         Yale University
bad switch yylook 6754668bad switch yylook 6754748bad switch yylook 6754656bad switch yylook 675
d switch yylook 6754656bad switch yylook 6754748bad switch yylook 6754668bad switch yylook 67547
TimberWolfSC terminated abnormally with 1 error[s] and 0 warning[s]

Here’s some relevant parts of my machine configuration:

- QFlow 1.1 (7b65beec4100b60e23245cfbbe18ac8f8fc82fe3)
- Graywolf 0.1.4 (84a6e326b8ece3e0e9663aa6008c3ff9ac5ae4ce)
- Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS
- gcc 5.4.0
- lex 2.6.0
- bison 3.0.4

This looks like it might be a bug with Graywolf, but I would be interested if anyone has any suggestions if there may be another way to resolve it.

Thanks in advance.

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