[Eda-dev] qflow Docker experiment

Tim Edwards tim at efabless.com
Fri Jul 5 11:04:13 EDT 2019

Hello Øyvind,

> I believe FreePDK45 is used by the following commandline:
> qflow build --tech gscl45nm ControlUnitTestBench
> (ControlUnitTestBench.def emailed directly to you)

Thank you for the example file.  I discovered the problem was a misplaced
parenthesis causing an array bounds overflow in a string.  I fixed the
problem in the git source.  You can pull the git master branch from
opencircuitdesign.com now, or pull the qflow-1.4 branch tomorrow after
it is updated, or fix the offending line in src/addspacers.c line 238,
which should be:

	definname = (char *)malloc(strlen(argv[optind]) + 5);

That should fix the problem!

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