[Xcircuit-dev] Tutorial

Svenn Bjerkem svenn.bjerkem at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 1 04:12:53 PST 2012

On Tue, 2012-02-28 at 08:11 -0800, tim.edwards at multigig.com wrote:
> So let me do a little bit of research, and I'll get back
> to you (and the user community at large). 

Take your time, and in the mean time I will go on and create asciidoc
files out of the tutorials and the Tcl reference and whatever I can
find. I try to be as true to the web layout as asciidoc allows me to be,
which in most cases isn't difficult at all, as I think there may be a
reason for things to be the way they are. I allow myself some minor
changes to make the tutorials consistant, but those are more syntactical
sugar than functional havoc.

When time is right, just give me a note, and I will email you whatever I
have so far. The documents are prepared with plain asciidoc 8.6.6
without knowingly using any of the plug-in filters not available in the


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