[Xcircuit-dev] trouble with load dependencies, seg fault when creating matching symbol

Tim Edwards tim at opencircuitdesign.com
Sun Mar 4 14:47:30 PST 2012

Hello Colin,

> . . .I decided to try the procedure described in the Large Project
> Tutorial for creating a symbol from an existing schematic hoping to get
> Load Dependencies to work.  First I renamed the existing symbol and
> saved the technology file to eliminate any naming conflict. Then from
> the Netlist menu I selected Make Matching Symbol and after a fair amount
> of delay the dialog box opened up.  I moved the pins around to my liking
> and pushed the Apply button.  Then I pushed the Okay button and got a
> segmentation fault.  On a second try I just pushed the Okay button
> without pushing the Apply button, same result.

As far as I can tell there are two separate errors here---the "Apply"
button should work the same as "Okay" (only not pop down the window
at the end), but instead it seems to do nothing.  The other error is
that there is an element that gets selected while the routine parses
the contents of the schematic, and this element remains selected
afterword.  If you click the right mouse button in the schematic window
to unselect everything before hitting "Okay", it will generate the
symbol view.  I will of course have to track down the segfault condition,
but this will let you continue without crashing the program.

I have not yet attempted to verify the "load dependencies" problem.  I
will let you know if I need more detailed information about how you
set up the schematic links.

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