[Xcircuit-dev] trouble with load dependencies, seg fault when creating matching symbol

Colin Nayler colinnayler at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 09:25:07 PST 2012

Hello Tim,

I tried the method you outlined below and it does work as long as I click the right mouse button in the schematic after brining up the Make Matching Symbol dialog box.

Regarding how I was adding schematic links to symbols, I was just adding a parameter "link" to the symbol and making sure the symbol name and schematic names are the same.  I have tryied two methods for creating the symbol parameter "link", one is to parameterise the text "%n" when adding an Info Label, and the other is to use the P dialog box and using the New button.


>> . . .I decided to try the procedure described in the Large Project
>> Tutorial for creating a symbol from an existing schematic hoping to get 
>> Load Dependencies to work.  First I renamed the existing symbol and 
>> saved the technology file to eliminate any naming conflict. Then from
>> the Netlist menu I selected Make Matching Symbol and after a fair amount
>> of delay the dialog box opened up.  I moved the pins around to my liking
>> and pushed the Apply button.  Then I pushed the Okay button and got a
>> segmentation fault.  On a second try I just pushed the Okay button
>> without pushing the Apply button, same result.
> As far as I can tell there are two separate errors here---the "Apply"
> button should work the same as "Okay" (only not pop down the window
> at the end), but instead it seems to do nothing.  The other error is
> that there is an element that gets selected while the routine parses
> the contents of the schematic, and this element remains selected
> afterword.  If you click the right mouse button in the schematic window
> to unselect everything before hitting "Okay", it will generate the 
> symbol view.  I will of course have to track down the segfault condition,
> but this will let you continue without crashing the program.
> I have not yet attempted to verify the "load dependencies" problem.  I
> will let you know if I need more detailed information about how you
> set up the schematic links.

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