[Xcircuit-dev] International character support on XCircuit

R. Timothy Edwards tim.edwards at multigig.com
Mon Mar 12 05:12:39 PDT 2012

Hello Angel,

> Hello, how are you? Thanks again for your support with Magic. I really
> appreciate all your help.
> Now I have a question about XCircuit. Is there a way to enter text
> including international characters, such as ñáéíóú? Maybe by
> installing a different font?
> I'd really appreciate any help on this. Best regards,

Select the menu item "Text->Encoding->ISOLatin1".  Then when editing
text, type the backslash key to get the character map.  You will find
all the various accented characters at the bottom.  ISOLatin1 covers,
among other things, all the major European language characters.  Since
I assume you're looking for Spanish, not Polish, this should cover your
needs (although I do have Polish encodings. . . ).

The ISOLatin1 character set also includes often-used characters such
as "?" for "micro", times (instead of "x"), divided-by, and copyright.


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