[Xcircuit-dev] xcircuit rendering speed

Dimitri Princen dprincen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 13:26:03 PDT 2012


Any hints on how to improve rendering speed with XCircuit? I've tried
to profile xcircuit using <sys/time.h>, to discover most of the draw
time is spend in functions.c::void void strokepath(XPoint *pathlist,
short number, short style, float width). However using cachegrind
there is a clear indicator that most time is spend servicing tk.
I've figured out every drawing operation is done by calls to Xlib,
(the opengl code seems to be incomplete, i've got it to compile, but
it doesn't run properly, only tkcon pops up).
The attachment is the reason I would like XCircuit to render a bit
faster, the flexibility of XCircuit allows me to plan the breadboards
i'm developing (lots of polygon instances).

I am however not quite at home in Xlib or opengl, so I wonder, is the
renderingspeed fixable in XCircuit (slowness of tk events?) or is it
limited by the speed of XLib? Any general direction would be great!

Kind regards,
Dimitri Princen

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