[Xcircuit-dev] Please provide a downloadable native Xcircuit for Windows users

Tim Edwards tim at opencircuitdesign.com
Mon Mar 19 08:18:07 EDT 2012

Hello Svenn,

>> With the host site for Xcircuit/Win32 went down, there is no place to
>> get a updated native Xcircuit for windows user.

> The ngspice guys have managed to create a version of tclspice which runs
> on win7 without too much hassle for the end-user. I haven't looked into
> what they do, but it may be a solution to bring the more frequently
> updated Tcl/Tk version of xcircuit to the masses.

There is a fundamental difference, though, which is that ngspice is
mainly a number-crunching engine.  Graphics aren't even part of the
original Berkeley spice3 distribution on which it's based, and what
graphics there are, are for displaying data generated by the engine.
So tclspice only really has to add a few simple Tcl commands for
start/stop/pause, and Tk can handle the plotting without having to
rely on low-level graphics calls.

I would certainly be in favor of the effort, but I think it's going
to be a lot more complicated than the tclspice port.


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