[Xcircuit-dev] line edit mode bug

Tim Edwards tim at opencircuitdesign.com
Mon Mar 19 09:25:52 EDT 2012

Hello Philip,

>> This suggests stuff left over from my compile.
>> "/home/tim/cad" is not hard-coded anywhere, but is the direct
>> result of my running "configure --prefix=/home/tim/cad".
> So I suspected, but why would it not clear or correct when _I_
> ran ./configure?

"configure" is only responsible for generating makefiles;  it
does not go through and remove unneeded files.  The problem is
that "make depend" should probably have a dependency on the
makefile itself, so that whenever the makefile is regenerated
(by running configure), all the other files will be forced to
update.  It's just something I need to do. . .

> I kinda figured git was "gitting" too much stuff - but wasn't
> sure if it was because I was running the wrong commands or
> because of setting on the far side.  *sigh*  Git is still mostly
> a mystery to me, despite my digging and my notes.

It's mostly a problem on my side.  Like fixing the makefile
dependency lists, I need to create the correct "gitignore"
file to tell it which files not to update on the server when
I update them on my desktop and do a "git push" back to the
server (which is on opencircuitdesign.com).

> I built 3.8.  And I had to edit /usr/local/bin/xcircuit to
> correct the path to wish, but otherwise it built and ran.  I
> recall you recently said 3.8 is really not different than 3.7
> right now since you are only squashing bugs.  My only real
> reason for not using 3.8 is I am generally not especially good
> at keeping up.  I tend to stick with a working version for
> probably too long, just 'cause I'm too lazy to update. *smiles*

Your recollection is better than mine!  I realized after you
wrote that, that version 3.7 must have exactly the same bug,
and it does. . . so I'm fixing that now.

> And that's the real reason I bothered to post.  I figured you
> would want to know about it if there were things amiss,
> particularly since you mentioned you had just shifted stuff
> around.  

Yes, and thanks for letting me know what did and didn't work.  It looks
like overall, the switch to the new host worked out okay except for the
minor glitch of missing the 3.7 tarball, but the other issues are
important and I need to address them soon.


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