[Xcircuit-dev] Windows Tcl build

Tomas Forssén tomas.forssen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 04:15:38 EDT 2012


Is there anyone that managed to build Xcuircuit for Windows lately?

I managed to build a tcl version that starts...
- Using version git repository download of 3.7 (Sat Mar 24 10:05:55 2012 
- Windows SDK 7.1, 64bit debug mode
- Active Tcl/Tk8.5
- MinGW make
- Based on the Makefile.win32
- Call to low-level IO functions needed to be adapted to windows. E.g 
"open" -> "_open" ...
- Adapted to windows process functions: "fork" -> "_spawn"
- Use of external "convert" tool -> "gm convert" (Graphics Magick).

Ok, xcuircuit starts but is unstable. So apart from the previous 
question: Is is possible to run in debug mode, somehow to try to figure 
out where it crashes?

Any advice/suggestion is appreciated. I found the site: 
"http://www.oocities.org/sw286000/#download" but can not find any source 
or build information. I can only read that "Win32 support has now been 
integrated into the main source tree". But the Makefile.win32 lacks some 
information and my guess is that there has been some additions/changes 
since then.

If any one interested I can supply a patch of my work. I just need to 
figure out the propper git command :)


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