[Xcircuit-dev] Windows Tcl build

Tim Edwards tim at opencircuitdesign.com
Wed Mar 28 08:20:47 EDT 2012

Hello Tomas,

> Is there anyone that managed to build Xcuircuit for Windows lately?
> I managed to build a tcl version that starts...
> - Using version git repository download of 3.7 (Sat Mar 24 10:05:55 2012 
> -0400)
> - Windows SDK 7.1, 64bit debug mode
> - Active Tcl/Tk8.5
> - MinGW make
> - Based on the Makefile.win32
> - Call to low-level IO functions needed to be adapted to windows. E.g 
> "open" -> "_open" ...
> - Adapted to windows process functions: "fork" -> "_spawn"
> - Use of external "convert" tool -> "gm convert" (Graphics Magick).
> Ok, xcuircuit starts but is unstable. So apart from the previous 
> question: Is is possible to run in debug mode, somehow to try to figure 
> out where it crashes?
> Any advice/suggestion is appreciated. I found the site: 
> "http://www.oocities.org/sw286000/#download" but can not find any source 
> or build information. I can only read that "Win32 support has now been 
> integrated into the main source tree". But the Makefile.win32 lacks some 
> information and my guess is that there has been some additions/changes 
> since then.
> If any one interested I can supply a patch of my work. I just need to 
> figure out the propper git command :)

Yes, I am interested.  I think you have made it much further along this
path than anybody has ever attempted.  The original native-Windows API
graphics version was compiled without the Tcl/Tk support, and with a
Microsoft compiler instead of mingw, so what you are attempting has not
been done before.  It should work in theory, but I'm not surprised that
it is unstable.

I have not tried using the mingw compile before.  If you can give me a
few pointers on your method, I can duplicate it here, and I should be
able to track down the bugs and fix them.  Also, I would like to write
up the mingw-based compile instructions on the xcircuit website.

Please send me what you have.  The "git" system isn't set up for
remote pushes, but I can add you to the access list.  Or you can just
send me a patch file.


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