[Xcircuit-dev] Windows Tcl build

Tomas Forssén tomas.forssen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 08:38:28 EDT 2012

Hello Tim,
>> - Windows SDK 7.1, 64bit debug mode
>> - Active Tcl/Tk8.5
>> - MinGW make
> Yes, I am interested.  I think you have made it much further along this
> path than anybody has ever attempted.  The original native-Windows API
> graphics version was compiled without the Tcl/Tk support, and with a
> Microsoft compiler instead of mingw, so what you are attempting has not
> been done before.  It should work in theory, but I'm not surprised that
> it is unstable.
Actually I am using the Microsoft compiler "cl" distributed along with 
the Windows 7.1 SDK to compile and build the .dll and .exe files. I am 
only using mingw-make to execute the make scripts. This was my starting 
point. I'm not sure which step to take next but one direction I  have in 
mind is to go for the mingw compiler. I'm not that familiar with 
"configure" scripts but it would be nice to use a mingw-msys environment 
and just type: ./configure & make install :)

Give me a minute or two and I will come back with a patch.


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