[Xcircuit-dev] Fink Mac Xcircuit Crash

Charles Repetti charlie at sandpiper-inc.com
Wed Mar 28 10:14:50 EDT 2012

Thanks for xcircuit, I use it lots.  Unfortunately the Mac port does not 
work in the 3.7.x releases.

To see this, open a fink installation of xcircuit 3.7.35 on a mac 
10.6.8. "Netlist->Make pin" on a new blank sheet.  Type some text for 
the pin and press enter.  Now hover over the pin and type "e" to change 
the text.

Crash (Abort trap).

This is not the case on Suse linux 10.0/11.2, cygwin/win32(XP), or 

Thanks again,

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