[Xcircuit-dev] Problems with xcircuit on Mac 10.7.4 and wish8.5

Tim Edwards tim at opencircuitdesign.com
Fri May 25 11:04:33 EDT 2012

Hello Stewart,

> I've been trying for quite a while now to get back to a useable
> installation of xcircuit on my macbook.  Before a recent OS update I had
> a working installation of xcircuit-3.7.26 but now I can't even get that
> version to build (I'll tack on the make output error at the end of this
> email).  I can get the newest stable version 3.7.39 to install
> successfully either with building myself or using macports to install
> but both of them crash at runtime.  The software starts X11, opens the
> drawing window then aborts and it's wish8.5 that crashes.  This happens
> regardless of whether it is built using the macports installed version
> of tcl/tk or the built in one (which I know isn't supposed to work).
> This is the crashlog for it running using the mapcorts installed wish:
>> Process:         wish8.5 [22167] Path:
>> /opt/local/bin/wish8.5 Identifier:      wish8.5 Version:         ???
>> (???) Code Type:       X86-64 (Native) Parent Process:  bash [17445]

I think that the Tcl/Tk port is good, given that it seems to have
passed a bunch of initialization code.  It has crashed inside the
routine findcrashfiles() on a call to sprintf(), which is probably
filelist.c line 261:

	sprintf(_STR, "%s/%s", xobjs.tempdir, dp->d_name);

If you can run a debugger, it would be helpful to stop at the crash
point, bring the scope up to this routine, and check the values of
xobjs.tempdir and dp->d_name.  My suspicion is that the use of /tmp
as a directory to save backup files may not be compatible with Mac OS-X's
way of doing things, although the only thing I can think of that would
cause a crash would be a NULL value of dp->d_name.  It seems unlikely,
but I can't think of anything else.  Unless the temp directory and temp
filename are so long that they exceed the 250 character limit of _STR.
That also seems unlikely.

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