qflow 1.4

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Compiling and Installing qflow version 1.4

Compiling and Installing qflow versions 1.4

qflow is now developed entirely from the git repo, with development done in git branches and merged back into the master branch when appropriate. The git commits are tagged with the major.minor.revision version number.

qflow 1.4 was declared stable distribution code as of February 4, 2020, at revision number qflow-1.4.77. It has been used enough times to qualify as "stable" code.

The compilation procedure should be immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with GNU autoconf:

make install
The "configure" script is critical for having the digital flow know where to find all of the various tools it needs to run. A number of these tools are scripts that are included with the qflow distribution. However, the following tools must be downloaded and installed independently. All these tools are available for download on the opencircuitdesign website, or have pointers where to find them. Note that Odin-II is no longer supported by qflow-1.1, as it is difficult to maintain and lacking in capabilities compared to yosys.
Verilog parser/synthesis (yosys)
Cell and pin placement
qrouter 1.3
Detail router
magic 8.1
Layout viewer
Dependency notes: If the tool dependencies have been installed in places that are in the standard search path (e.g., /usr/local/bin), then the configure step will find them automatically.

The recommended procedure is to run "configure" once without any arguments. At the end, it will produce a list of tools and indicate whether or not each has been located. For those that fail to be found automatically, follow the instructions given by configure.

The standard install location is /usr/local/share/qflow/, and as such, it will be necessary to run "make install" as the root user.

As an example, let's say that graywolf is located in directory "/home/cad/src/". And suppose that the other tools have been installed in their default locations. Then, the configure line would be:

./configure --with-graywolf=/home/cad/src/graywolf


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