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As of March 25, 2019, I have implemented a new git system not based on rsync, and at the same time have updated version 3.10 to stable and made that the only version.

As of April 10, 2011, I have changed version 3.7 to stable, and version 3.8 is the new development version. The stable release will only be updated with bug fixes, while all new development and experimental stuff will go into the development release.

Below is the source code downloads for the stable and development branches of the distribution. Under those are some pre-compiled executables such as RPM package files, a pre-compiled Windows 7 64bit executable, a link to the Cygwin (Windows) version of XCircuit, and a link to Micheal Goffioul's XCircuit for Windows (native, not Cygwin). The native Win32 code was incorporated into the distribution in version 3.4.18. More packaged versions should be coming soon, based on the declared stable source distribution.

Current Stable Release: Tarred/Compressed Source for Download

File Type Version Revision Size (KB) Date
xcircuit-3.10.30.tgz Gzipped source 3.10 30 1619 June 23, 2022 at 9:00pm

Git Repository

The Open Circuit Design Git repository may be used for downloads of the most recent XCircuit source. To use the git server, do:
git clone git://

or use the github mirror site:
git clone

While nightly tarballs are automatically generated whenever updates occur, the git repository has the most recent code.

Compile and Install Instructions

Release Notes

Prior Releases: Tarred/Compressed Source for Download

File Type Version Revision Size (KB) Date
xcircuit-3.8.58.tgz Gzipped source 3.8 58 1649 May 17, 2014
xcircuit-3.7.57.tgz Gzipped source 3.7 57 1521 May 17, 2014
xcircuit-3.6.168.tgz Gzipped source 3.6 168 1459 April 10, 2011
xcircuit-3.4.30.tgz Gzipped source 3.4 30 1055 July 19, 2008
xcircuit-3.3.38.tgz Gzipped source 3.3 38 1359 September 28, 2005
xcircuit-3.2.27.tgz Gzipped source 3.2 27 1398 September 17, 2004
xcircuit-3.2.16.tgz Gzipped source 3.2 16 1293 April 7, 2004
xcircuit-3.2.8.tgz Gzipped source 3.2 8 1250 February 11, 2004
xcircuit-3.2.7.tgz Gzipped source 3.2 7 1249 February 6, 2004
xcircuit-3.2.5.tgz Gzipped source 3.2 5 834 February 5, 2004
xcircuit-3.1.38.tgz Gzipped source 3.1 38 832 January 28, 2004
xcircuit-3.1.24.tgz Gzipped source 3.1 24 863 September 22, 2003
xcircuit-3.0.tar.gz Gzipped source 3.0 11 698 January 27, 2003

Pre-compiled XCircuit packages

Major Distributions

Mac OS X

XCircuit will compile under the UNIX/X11-based Macintosh OS X. However, there are two packaged versions which should make installation a cinch.

The most recent and preferred version is located at MacPorts:
MacPorts XCircuit. This has links to dependencies, including (most importantly) Tcl/Tk based on X11 rather than Quartz.

Another precompiled version for OS X can be found at Fink Project: package xcircuit. and for XCircuit version 3.6: package xcircuit-testing.

Quick install instructions for OS X using fink:

  1. Download the fink distribution tarball (version 0.35.1.tar.gz is the most recent as of this update) from this SourceForge URL.
  2. Follow the installation instructions for fink, found at this link.
  3. Install XCircuit from the terminal by entering the command:
    fink install xcircuit

It is necessary to have the "fink" package of Tcl/Tk for the Tcl-based version of XCircuit to compile and link properly under Mac OS X. This package will be used and/or installed automatically if you follow the finkproject links above. If you attempt to compile xcircuit from source using a version of Tcl/Tk that uses Quartz, the native Mac graphics API, xcircuit will crash.

Thanks to Max Horn for his support in providing and maintaining this package for some years. The current maintainer is Alexander Hansen. Contact information may be found on the finkproject site.

RedHat Linux (RPM)

The latest officially stable distribution of xcircuit. All the bells and whistles included. Thanks to Alec Habig ( for generating these packages. Note that compilation from source is recommended over installation of precompiled executables, as the result is guaranteed to be tailored to the target system. Compilation from non-RPM source is recommended to get the very latest bug fixes and/or features.

Version 3.4 is the most recent stable packaged distribution.

Version 3.3.37 was compiled with gcc-4 under Fedora Core 4. This may not be compatible with certain systems and their installed shared libraries, so version 3.3.18 will be left around for a while (Fedora Core 2). Note that in any case, the source RPM can be downloaded and compiled. Alec sent me version 3.4.26, and I haven't heard any complaints about 3.3.37, so I'm removing version 3.3.18 from the list.

File Type Revision Size Date
xcircuit-3.6.143-1.i386.rpm Pre-compiled Intel x86 executable 1 (500KB+) November 24, 2008
xcircuit-3.4.30-1.i386.rpm Pre-compiled Intel x86 executable 1 (500KB+) November 21, 2008


Version Distribution
xcircuit 3.4.26 OpenBSD

Slackware 8 Linux

Thanks to Marcello V. Mansueto ( for generating the XCircuit 2.3.5 package for Slackware 8 Linux

Update: May 25, 2002: Slackware 8 packages updated to XCircuit version 2.5.4. Requires Python-2.0.1 or newer.

Update: November 3, 2003: Slackware 9 packages updated to XCircuit version 3.1.24. Compiled with the Tcl/Tk interface.

File Type Revision Size Date
xcircuit-3.1.24-i386-1.tgz Pre-compiled Intel x86 executable 1 ? November 3, 2003
xcircuit-2.5.4-i386-1.tgz Pre-compiled executable 1 ? May 25, 2002
xcircuit-2.3.5-i386-1.tgz Pre-compiled Intel x86 executable 1 (281KB) October 29, 2001

Ubuntu Linux

Forrest Cook reports a successful compile on Ubuntu Linux 5.10 ("Breezy Badger"). However, Ubuntu, being a bit spare on development software in the standard installation, requires these additional packages to compile xcircuit: The configure line for Ubuntu is the following:
./configure --with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.4 --with-tk=/usr/lib/tk8.4
Giuseppe Borzi at the University of Messina in Italy sent me a packaged version of XCircuit-3.4 for Ubuntu 7.04 (i386). The package can be downloaded here:
File Type Revision Size Date
xcircuit_3.4.26-0ubuntu1_i386.deb Pre-compiled Intel x86 executable 1 427KB July 4, 2007

Pardus Linux

This PiSi package was created by Ayan Öztürk. It can be found here: (343KB). Many thanks to Ayan! (Last updated February 20, 2008).

Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

The Windows native graphics version was developed and debugged by Michael Goffioul in 2005, using a base of code for Tcl/Tk that converts X11 calls to Windows graphics calls, and adding missing functions as necessary. This provides an excellent library of routines for converting X11 apps to Windows. Using this library, Tomas Forssén made additional modifications to allow the current stable version 3.7 to compile for Windows, using the MinGW gcc compiler. I made additional corrections for version 3.8 and targeted the 64-bit architecture. Update, October 2013: Finally got around to compiling version 3.8 in a 32-bit environment.
  1. Tcl/Tk 8.5 Mandatory.
    The best package to get is ActiveTcl, at Make sure you get the 64-bit version. Install in the default target, which is C:\Tcl.
  2. GraphicsMagick Recommended.
    This package lets you import pretty much any graphic image into XCircuit by converting into the one format that XCircuit understands. Get this package from Install into C:\Program Files\GraphicsMagick, which is not the default installation target.
  3. Ghostscript Optional.
    This package allows arbitrary PostScript files to be rendered onto the XCircuit background. This is a fairly obscure feature, and not necessarily recommended. Download it from and install in C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.05, which is not quite the default installation target (for the 32-bit XCircuit zip file, this is compiled to a later version and the install location is gs9.09).
File Type Revision Size Date Windows 7 64-bit distribution zip file 2 1.15MB May 26, 2012 Windows 7 32-bit distribution zip file 1 0.86MB October 14, 2013
64-bit version Release notes:
  1. Revision 1 May 24, 2012.
    First version, generally untested.
  2. Revision 2 May 26, 2012.
    Added the zlib library for flate encoding/decoding, and corrected a crash error in the graphic image routines. Tested over a wide range of features.
32-bit version Release notes:
  1. Revision 1 October 14, 2013.
    First version, generally untested.
Installation instructions:
  1. Download and install the prerequisite packages indicated above. Note that you may need to reboot or manually add the Tcl directory to the path environment variable before the program will launch properly.
  2. Download the file (or above. Put this in the C: top level directory.
  3. Unzip the file. This will create directory C:/OpenCircuitDesign/ and subdirectory C:/OpenCircuitDesign/Xcircuit-3.8/.
  4. Create a shortcut link on your desktop to file C:/OpenCircuitDesign/Xcircuit-3.8/bin/xcircuit.bat

Other Packages

Have an xcircuit package you'd like to share? Send it (or a link) to me. I generally recommend compiling from source (see up top, this page), so I don't make packages myself (that, and the fact that my rpm executable has been broken for a long time). But that's not everyone's cup of tea. In particular, some systems are distributed in broken condition or otherwise have problems or incongruities that make compilation difficult for the novice. If you have a package, I'll put it here.

XCircuit for Windows (native)

Thanks to Michael Goffioul for this version, which should be integrated into the source distribution as soon as I get around to doing it. This version does not require Cygwin or an X11 server.

Additional installation instructions: If you want the Tcl/Tk version, it is generally better to use an existing version of Tcl/Tk rather than install one in the XCircuit directory. If you don't have Tcl/Tk for Windows, I recommend the free ActiveTcl from ActiveState software. When using an existing version of Tcl/Tk, unselect Tcl/Tk from the install list for XCircuit. You will be prompted for the location of your existing version of Tcl. ActiveTcl installs by default into C:\Tcl.

XCircuit for Windows/Cygwin

XCircuit Project on SourceForge

You should check the version numbers against this web page to make sure you're getting the most recent version.

Repository of Object Libraries

This page includes all the libraries of objects created by users of xcircuit and sent to me to be made publically available. If you have a library to add here, please send the .lps file directly to me by email.


Otherwise known as ``Neat Hacks.''
As XCircuit develops further toward the model of a compact C core with extended functionality provided by Python scripts, I hope to include contributed Python scripts which extend and enhance the capabilities of XCircuit (see section "Help!" on the XCircuit home page).

XCircuit archive

Repository of current and past versions of the xcircuit source.

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