XCircuit Repository of Object Libraries

This page contains libraries of symbols for use with xcircuit in various applications. Users of xcircuit who have created their own special libraries and wish to share them publically are urged to email them to me, so that I can add them to the list below. When sending libraries, please add your name, date, affiliation, and/or any comments about the library to the comment lines at the top of the file, so that you will get proper credit where credit is due.

I would really like to have the following:

  1. Expanded digital gates library: Note that the 74XX series has been covered in a very nice way by Bryce Denny (see below). Anyone making a similar attempt is advised to use a similar method, connecting PCB libraries to xcircuit libraries directly via interpreter script. This aids the more long-term effort of binding the open-source CAD tools together.
  2. Expanded LGF library for both "analog" and "diglog"
  3. Integrated Circuit library
  4. Expanded signal library
  5. Architectural drawing library

The xcircuit default set of libraries

These libraries are included with the xcircuit source distribution. Note that the library builtins.lps, installed by xcircuit versions 2.1b and earlier, has been superceded by the script file startup.script, which follows the syntax of the .xcircuitrc file. Use of commands "loadlibrary" and "loadfontencoding" in library files is discouraged, although it is supported for backward compatibility.

New libraries for xschema schematic capture

Public-domain libraries created by users of xcircuit

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