The XCircuit Tutorial

The original selection mechanism (prior to version 3.3.7):

Task 10: Selection of multiple objects

  1. Clear the current page by choosing the menu item "File->Clear Page". There is no keyboard macro for this command, to prevent accidental erasure of the screen (which cannot be undeleted).
  2. Grab several objects from the library (see Task 7) and place them on top of each other in the middle of the page.
  3. Decide on one object which you will move, leaving the others where they are.
  4. Now press mouse button 1 as if you were going to select the object you want to move. Because the command is ambiguous---the program doesn't know which one or ones of the objects you really want to select---the program will query you one by one for which objects you want to select.
  5. One object will turn blue, the cursor will become a question mark, and the information bar at the bottom will read, for example, "Click to accetp/reject: 1 of 3" if the program found three objects under the cursor. Release the mouse button at this point.
  6. If the object that you want to select and move is colored blue, click mouse button 2. If an object that you don't want to select and move is colored blue, click mouse button 3.
  7. When you have chosen or rejected each of the objects, the cursor will become a circle. You may now press and hold mouse button 1 and continue with the intended move.
  8. Try this several times to get used to it.

Three objects simultaneously selected.
The gold-colored gate has already been selected; the program is now prompting the user for confirmation to add the blue-colored object to the selection.

Message window when selecting multiple objects.

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