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A welcome and introduction to the XCircuit circuit drawing and schematic capture program.

Download Page

``All the source that's fit to distribute.''

Instructions for Compile and Install

Repository of Object Libraries

This page includes all the libraries of objects created by users of xcircuit and sent to me to be made publically available. Help keep this page growing!

Online Tutorial

A gentle introduction guiding you through all the standard and advanced features of the program.

The tutorial is available as a tarred, gzipped file for download and safekeeping:

Schematic Capture Tutorial

A separate tutorial which covers features of and issues specific to circuits and schematic capture. Includes parameter substitution and netlist generation (about 80 percent complete, but covers the main features).

Note: This tutorial has changed slightly as of version 2.2, to reflect changes in the way schematics and symbols are associated, and the change in menu selections and macros implementing those features. A quick review is recommended for anyone who has been using schematic capture under version 2.0 and 2.1.

List of Features

A list of features in xcircuit, including menu items, keyboard commands, X-defaults, and library files (now about 90 percent complete).

Embedded Python Interpreter

Commands linking the embedded Python interpreter to xcircuit internal variables.


What to do when you get into trouble when compiling or running xcircuit: First look for the problem here.

Code Revision History

News and Notes of Interest

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