Tim's Collection of Farm Story Art

I have played "Farm Story", an internet game made by Team Lava, for several years running, probably one of my few concessions to popular video game culture. The game itself has been all but abandoned by its creators. However, some of us longtime players of the game have created a game-within-a-game, showing off artwork in the form of pictures on our farm created using objects in the game such as hay bales, tiles, trees, bushes, and an assortment of other things. Every few weeks we get together and have an "Art Show", where dozens of artists show off their creations. One person acts as the art show host. Each artist posts a message to the wall of the host, and the host posts a message back to each artist. Then any player who knows any of the artists or the hosts can find their way to the list of artists, and visit each artist to see their work. The art show concept was created (I think, or at least refined) by Milty (her screen name, not her real name), who acted as host for several years.

I have had a blast doing artwork in Farm Story, and am posting some of my favorite works here for all to enjoy.

Haybale Art:

I started off with hay-bale art, using the colored hay bales in Farm Story for a palette of colors, sometimes making use of the shaded side of the bales for a more nuanced effect, and occasionally using sheep or other objects as eyes and other miscellaneous detail. As my farm grew, I devoted more and more space to the artwork in the center.

Tile Art:

Some of my favorite artists in the art shows were the tile artists. When all my favorites retired from the game, I figured somebody needed to continue that tradition, so I switched to doing tile art. Some of these artists would spend hours working out their creations on graph paper. I had to have my own angle on the technique, literally; I wanted to have my art facing forward toward the viewer, even though the farm is presented in an oblique view. To do this, I wrote a computer image processing program that could take a photo as input and spit out the same image in farm story tiles as output. The program required a lot of development, but made the process of creating tile are a lot easier. Far from being an instant solution, I actually spent a lot of time choosing photos, editing them to keep out background noise or busy detail, and modifying shades and colors to get a good result in tiles. At least I could tell whether a photo was going to work as tile art or not without spending any time putting tiles down in Farm Story, which is a very tedious process.

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