Tim's directory of miscellaneous and mostly outdated programs

Tim's Law: A program grows as the exponent of its revision number.

* OpenCircuitDesign

My ongoing project is a complete open-source VLSI design flow, both digital and analog. I have collected together some older tools such as Magic, IRSIM, and Netgen, updating and upgrading them, and a few tools of my own, including XCircuit and Qrouter. This body of work represents several complete design flows, including verilog to layout (digital standard cell flow), schematic capture with layout-vs.-schematic (LVS) checking, and custom layout.

All of these tools are kept in a git repository, and each has its own webpage with download and installation information, Wiki pages, and copious documentation.

*Other CAD tool programs:

* Other X11 programs:

*UNIX utility programs:

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