R. Timothy Edwards

19601 Jerusalem Road
Poolesville, MD 20837-8401
Phone: (240) 489-3255
Cell: (408) 828-8212


Current Prospects:
I an active contributor to the Google/SkyWater and Google/Global Foundries Open PDK projects, helping to create, correct, and maintain the Open PDK repositories. I have authored and maintain the software package open_pdks for building PDKs that are compatible with many open-source tool flows.

I actively maintain a package of free, open-source EDA tools for analog and digital VLSI design. The analog design flow includes magic for VLSI layout, ngspice for simulation, xcircuit for schematic capture, netgen for LVS, and pcb for circuit board layout. The digital design flow includes qflow to manage the overall synthesis design flow, yosys to synthesize logic from verilog source, timberwolf to do standard cell placement, vesta for static timing analysis, and qrouter for detail routing. I have authored the tools xcircuit, qflow, vesta, and qrouter, and have greatly improved the tools magic, IRSIM, and netgen through continued development.

Research Interests:
Open-source EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools (algorithm development, programming, maintenance, and distribution).

Also: Architectures and algorithms for ``Evolvable hardware'', field-programmable analog hardware, novel MEMS technology for reconfigurable hardware interconnect, and ``neuromorphic'' (biologically-motivated) systems.

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