William Brooks Edwards

First set of photos from the hospital.

  1. William, about 1:00 am on Hallowe'en (which is about an hour after birth).
  2. Linglan and William, next day.
  3. Another of Linglan and William.
  4. Tim and baby.
  5. Closeup of Tim and baby.
  6. Another of father and son.
  7. William, closeup.
  8. Tim bounces the baby.
  9. Closeup of William at the hospital.
  10. Even closer.
  11. Another one of William, awake.
Photos from the first week at home:

  1. Linglan with William in the car seat, just arrived home.
  2. William meets Granddad Edwards
  3. Another of William and his grandfather
  4. Proud grandparents
  5. One week old (11/7/00)
  6. Another photo from the bassinet.
  7. Family of three.
Milestone: 2 weeks old:

  1. Father and son.
  2. William almost manages a smile.
  3. Baby in the ``Boppy''.

Week 3:

Week 4-6:

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